Animal Trait Correlation Database
The Animal CorrDB Release
Aug 23, 2021


Release 13
(Aug 23, 2021): A sum of 1,148 new correlations [Breakdown by species -- Pig: 193 (7 new traits); Cattle: 579 (26 new traits); Chicken: 18 (1 new traits); Sheep: 47 (4 new traits); Goat: 311 (32 new traits); ] and a sum of 194 new heritability data [Breakdown by species -- Pig: 48 (6 new traits); Cattle: 115 (25 new traits); Chicken: 7 (2 new traits); Sheep: 22 (5 new traits); Goat: 2 (1 new traits); ] have been curated into the CorrDB. To date, the total number of correlation data in the database: 23,552 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 12,801; Chicken: 1,455; Horse: 209; Pig: 7,161; Sheep: 1,615], and total heritability data: 4,273 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 2,173; Chicken: 318; Horse: 118; Pig: 1,444 Sheep: 218], curated from 407 publications.
( This is a joint release with the 45th QTLdb release)

Database developments: (1) Web portal on Animal CorrDB web site are extensively have been extensively reformed. A number of new data filters along side of search / browse functions provides additional helps by providing data scopes for users to have an idea what to expect rather then left to guess what to search for. Added links and flags on web pages can effectively enable users to traverse from one data scope to another (e.g., from traits to QTL/association data; from heritability data to correlation data; from a table view to graphic view. Linking traits to VT/LPT/CMO trait ontologies facilitates data links with external databases where such ontologies are used. (2) Added Data Summary text table on several pages to provide extended information on current data window. A featured function is a display of median, interquartile ranges of heritability data when multiple measurement results exist on the same trait.

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