How to use the QTL meta-plot tool on the QTLdb

Step 0.

Click to choose a species

Click Browse to go to the chromosome list

Click to choose a chromosome

  • There are multiple browse paths to View Map page, as illustrated in the FAQ #11.
  • Step 1.
    Seach for a trait with its abbreviation, (e.g. "BW"; see Pointer "1") so that all displayed QTL are for a single trait, when a Show MetaPlot link will appear (see Pointer "2").
    Step 2.
    When all QTL displayed on the current window are the same as the result of search, the Show MetaPlot link will appear (see Pointer "3"). Click on it, two meta-plots will appear to the right of the QTL graph (see Pointer "4"). One is called "Pile Plot" and the other "KD Plot" (KD = Kernel Density; For more information about these meta-plots, please see the reference listed below).
    There you go - Congratulatoins and enjoy using the meta-plots for your QTL data analysis!

    Zhi-Liang Hu, Xiao-Lin Wu, Carissa A. Park, and James M. Reecy (2011). Extension of Animal QTLdb (IV): QTL Meta-analysis On-the-fly (poster). Plant & Animal Genomes XVII Conference, January 14-20, 2011, Town & Country Convention Center, San Diego, CA.


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