The Animal QTLdb Release
Dec 30, 2016


Release 31

(Dec 30, 2016): A sum of 15,237 new QTL have been added to the database. The current total number of QTL in the database: 121,265 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 95,332; Catfish: 0; Chicken: 6,633; Horse: 1,245; Pig: 16,516; Sheep: 1,412; Rainbow trout: 127] (New additions less obsolete/retracted ones: Catfish: 0; Cattle: 13,680; Chicken: 950; Horse: 48; Pig: 483; Sheep: 76; Rainbow trout: 0 -- Net QTL number increase: 15,237).
New developments: (1) The curation tools are improved to allow automatic verification and streamlined curation of SNP information into the database. The improvements involved data quality control processes in which multiple genome builds are maintained for cattle, chicken, and sheep. (2) curation protocols are modified that preliminary SNPs (with 'ss' numbers only) are allowed to be entered to anchor QTL/association mapping locations. The QTL/association mapping data represented by the 'ss' SNPs are not subject to normal data release procedure unless the manually entered map coordinates are also available. The 'ss' SNP information will eventually be replaced with their 'rs' SNP information once they are assigned by dbSNP. (3) The QTLdb Frequently Asked Questions are updated.

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