The Animal QTLdb Release
Aug 22, 2019


Release 39

(Aug 22, 2019): A sum of 6,098 new QTL have been added to the database. (New additions less obsolete/retracted ones: Catfish: 0; Cattle: 4,298; Chicken: 199; Horse: 230; Pig: 820; Sheep: 95; Rainbow trout: 456 -- Net increase: 6,098). The current total number of QTL in the database: 174,241 [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 127,191; Chicken: 11,340; Horse: 2,260; Pig: 29,865; Sheep: 3,001; Rainbow trout: 584]
( This is a joint release with the 7th CorrDB release)

Database developments: (1) "Shadow/Pseudo QTL" (serving as anchors) is introduced as a new data-control concept in the Animal QTLdb for curation of QTL/association locus that have been detected but its statistical tests have not reached a significant threshold. The purpose for recording such data is for the entry of significantly validated epistatic and pleiotropic data where these loci serve as anchor/target locations. (2) The epistatic and pleiotropic data was introduced for curation into the Animal QTLdb in 2009 and 2014 respectively. New implementations are made to allow them to be viewed in public portal (currently in the data summary per publications; e.g. epistatic data display; pleiotropic data display). More display options for epistatic and pleiotropic data will be developed. (3) A new batch upload tool is integrated into the Animal QTLdb curator/editor tools for general curators to upload pre-formatted data prepared according to the Minimum Required Information Guideline. An upload data processing pipeline is developed to allow proper data flow and jobs routing between general curators, QTLdb curators, QTLdb editors, and database administrators. (4) Some curated QTL/association reports in the Animal QTLdb can be related because they could be follow up studies, combined analysis of previous works, re-analysis, confirmation studies, or reports from the same experiments. Now these information are also curated in the QTLdb, and can be seen on publication information pages, for example, the abstract page (e.g., or curated data summary page (when viewing list of QTL/associations from a publication, e.g. (5) Dynamic data download options are added to the Animal QTLdb "Trait Centric" and "Gene Centric" views (accessible through "Search and Analysis" tools) which all data shown on a search results page can be downloaded. In this way users can relatively easily locate the data they look for by tunning their search terms, and download them for further data mining/analysis.

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