The Animal QTLdb Release
Apr 28, 2024


Release 53

(Apr 28, 2024): A sum of 2,676 new QTL/associations have been curated into the database (New additions less obsolete/retracted ones: Catfish: 0; Cattle: 512; Chicken: 322; Goat: 300; Horse: 1; Pig: 1,193; Sheep: 348). To date, the current total number of QTL in the database: 266,160 (less all linkage map based QTL data that was put on archive since the last release). [Breakdown by species -- Cattle: 191,181 (on 680 traits); Chicken: 15,581 (on 372 traits); Goat: 1,501 (on 26 traits); Horse: 2,216 (on 65 traits); Pig: 48,875 (on 673 traits); Sheep: 4,605 (on 272 traits); Rainbow trout: 2,201 (on 47 traits)].
( This is a joint release with the 21st CorrDB release.)

In addition, as part of our data quality assurance efforts, updates were continually made to previously curated data.

This release is with the following updates:
(1) All linkage-map based data are excluded from data downloads since they have been separated and archived upon last QTLdb release (#52). As a result, you may expect to see a reduction in total data number in the current data summaries on the web. (2) In addition to mapped data deposition for downloads for supported genome assemblies, we have also included a copy of all curated data deposition (data reported on various genome assemblies, in .tsv file format). This data set has either SNP information OR genome locations on a particular genome which may be lifted to a target genome by users employing a method of their choice. In this way, we are not holding back any data just because of the inability to lift *some* data to some assemblies due to unavailability of mapped SNPs on that build. (3) In addition to JBrowse built for QTLdb, we are setting up the newer JBrowse2 as an experimental alternative to display chromosomal mappings for default reference genomes. In the meantime, we have retired the GBrowse display from the site (which was used for QTLdb data display since 2009). Currently, the JBrowse2 setup is in preliminary tests and you may expect to see improvements in the next few months. Our goal is to gradually phase out our in-house chromosomal data display tool. (4) The Frequently Asked Questions list has been updated with some newly added Q&A, such as "why the data counts on each build within a species are not the same", etc.

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