Query the Bovine SNP Database

DATA SOURCE: The 114,958 cattle SNPs data were combined from 3x genome coverage sequences (Sep 2004) and 6x genome coverage sequences (Oct 2005) produced by the Baylor College of Medicine-Human Genome Sequencing Center (BCM-HGSC). (Data available from its FTP site: ftp://ftp.hgsc.bcm.tmc.edu/pub/data/Btaurus/snp)

You can blast your sequences against the BCM-HGSC SNP flanking sequences to find if your sequence contains any of the SNP regions, and their chromosomal locations, etc.

Step 1: Blast your sequence against the BCM-HGSC SNP flanking sequences

Step 2: Retrieve details of a SNP from the BCM-HGSC Bovine SNPs database

Copy and paste the sequence name from the blast results into the following form:
Sequence ID: e.g. >BTA-39392|VSWAP1D64723A.scf

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