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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome
Information archive for retired Working Groups

FAANG Integrative Genomics and Network Biology (FNB) Group

The short names: faang-analysis-network // faang-network-biology

The goals:

  • Generate a panel of recommended methods and software tools that robustly integrate different data types with a focus on network analysis and to provide feedback on the quality of and feasibility of integrated/network approaches.

  • Define community standards for statistical methods that make inferences from integrated data and to develop recommended methods for establishing statistical significance (e.g. making sense of correlations and profiles).

  • The group would discuss and evaluate database and storage methods for large biological networks using FAANG data.

  • The group would advise other FAANG groups on experimental design issues relevant to downstream integrative genomics and network biology analyses (e.g. minimum sample sizes required for correlation-based network approaches).

  • The group would establish an active, inclusive and friendly community for animal scientists interested in the application of integrative genomics and network biology.

To contribute, go to the Github repository to share your codes/pipelines.



( Chairs of the group )
  • ,
  • ,
  • Abernathy, Jason
  • Adetula, Adeyinka abiola
  • Afuwape, Olusola
  • Bakhtiarizadeh, Mohammad reza
  • Behura, Susanta
  • Challa, Ghana
  • Correia, Carolina 
  • Crisà, Alessandra
  • Diniz, Wellison
  • Djebali, Sarah
  • Do , Ngoc duy
  • Ernst, Catherine
  • Espinosa-carrasco, Jose
  • Fredholm, Merete
  • Giuffra, Elisabetta
  • Harrison, Peter
  • Kasimanickam, Vanmathy
  • Keel, Brittney
  • Kern, Colin
  • Liu, Haibo
  • Marchitelli, Cinzia
  • Mccue, Molly
  • Munir, Muhammad
  • Munyard, Kylie
  • Ohmiya, Hiroko
  • Peñagaricano, Francisco
  • Pfenning, Andreas
  • Pokharel, Kisun
  • Popescu, George
  • Popoola, Mustapha
  • Pourjam, Mohsen
  • Rau, Andrea
  • Ravi, Janani
  • Reecy, James
  • Rijnkels, Monique
  • Sadr, Ayeh
  • Schaefer, Robert 
  • Sevane, Natalia
  • Shirali, Masoud
  • Tuggle, Christopher
  • Wang, Ying
  • Wang, Yuzhe
  • Watson, Mick
  • Zaldivar-lopez, Sara
  • Zambonelli, Paolo
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