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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome
Information archive for retired Working Groups

Communication (COM) Committee

The Communications committee (Com) aims to provide the community with information about FAANG activities and provide links between the various FAANG groups and committees. The Communication group's major effort lies with developing and maintaining http://www.faang.org. The website aims to provide the scientific community and the public with information about the project and its working groups. The website also facilitates information exchange between working groups. The Com committee also organizes meetings to promote the goals and objectives of FAANG. A full list of these meetings can be found on our meetings page. The Com committee is also cooperating with the Genome to Phenome Research Communications Network, which has overlapping goals.

Follow us on twitter @faangomics to keep up to date with all FAANG activity.

The Com committee has monthly calls to discuss our goals and targets

To join the Com committee, please log in to the member area and contact the current Com Chair.



( Chairs of the group )
  • Adetula, Adeyinka abiola
  • Ajibike, Abdulhakeem
  • Almathen, Faisal
  • Archibald, Alan
  • Brockmann, Gudrun
  • Cheng, Hans
  • Djebali, Sarah
  • Do , Ngoc duy
  • Elgendy, Ramy
  • Espinosa-carrasco, Jose
  • Foissac, Sylvain
  • Giuffra, Elisabetta
  • Gorodkin, Jan
  • Groenen, Martien
  • Gu, Jingjing
  • Hansen, Mathias
  • Harrison, Peter
  • Hu, Xiaoxiang
  • Janacek, Sophie
  • Junge, Alexander
  • Kantanen, Juha
  • Kasimanickam, Vanmathy
  • Kern, Colin
  • Kuehn, Christa
  • Kumar, Bharani
  • Laliotis, George
  • Lee, Damian
  • Lewandowska-sabat, Anna
  • Lien, Sigbjorn
  • Lyons, Leslie
  • Marchitelli, Cinzia
  • Mateescu, Raluca
  • Munyard, Kylie
  • Nanduri, Bindu
  • Olsaker, Ingrid
  • Ommeh, Sheila
  • Plastow, Graham
  • Popoola, Mustapha
  • Pourjam, Mohsen
  • Reed, Kent
  • Riggs, Penny
  • Ritchie, Rachael
  • Silverstein, Jeffrey 
  • Song, Jiuzhou
  • Suravajhala, Prashanth n
  • Swaminathan, Marimuthu
  • Tosser-klopp, Gwenola
  • Tuggle, Christopher 
  • Van eenennaam, Alison
  • Vilkki, Johanna
  • Wang, Yuzhe
  • Watson, Mick
  • Zhou, Huaijun
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