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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

How to join and contribute to FAANG

  1. Know about FAANG - Project Overview
    A general introduction about the FAANG initiatives, organizations, members, and scope of efforts.
  2. Know the structure of FAANG
    Access to FAANG working groups, contributors and supporters of FAANG projects.
  3. Agree on FAANG data sharing guide
    Principles and guidelines as how FAANG data may be shared among participating members.
  4. Discover FAANG funding opportunities
    Funding information pooled together by members.
  5. How to get involved
    • Join FAANG to become a member to get informed about FAANG activities
    • Find a contact from the active groups/projects
    • Take part in a task force group - become a member to join a group
    • Contribute to current projects - become a member to get in touch
    • Make new proposals - join a group and take part in group actions
    • Establish new working groups - identified new topics and get participants

    to take part in
    FAANG activities
  6. How to access existing data
    There are two ways to access the FAANG data: one is through the data portal, the other is through APIs to access data programmatically.
  7. How to submit data
    A gental guide as how data can be properly submitted via FAANG data portal. The FAANG data portal displays livestock sample and experimental data loaded into the EMBL-EBI archives. Detailed instructions will guide you through the preperation of your data to meet the FAANG metadata standards and in the use of the tools that we have developed to support your submission.
  8. How to get a letter of support
    We may provide support letter for your grant applications.
FAANG is rapidly developing ... there are surely more than one point to chip in!
Don't hesitate to write us in order to get on the fast tracks.
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