2017 NRSP-8 Leadership

Chair-elect: Molly McCue

NIFA Representative:

Coordinator: James Reecy
Co-coordinator: Max Rothschild
Co-coordinator: Susan Lamont
Co-coordinator: Chris Tuggle
Co-coordinator: Fiona McCarthy

Coordinator: Juan Medrano
Co-coordinator: Jerry Taylor
Co-coordinator: Alison Van Eenennaam
Chair-elect: Brenda Murdoch

Coordinator: Ernst Bailey
Co-coordinator: Molly McCue
Co-coordinator: Samantha Brooks
Chair-elect: Stephen Coleman
Administrative Advisors:
South: Eric Young
Northeast: John Kriby
North Central: Archie Clutter

Coordinator: John Liu
Co-coordinator: Steven Roberts, Eric Peatman
Chair-elect: Catherine Purcell

Coordinator: Chris Tuggle
Co-coordinator: Cathy Ernst
Chair-elect: Christian Maltecca

Coordinator: Mary Delany
Co-coordinator: Hans Cheng
Chair-elect: Kent Reed

Coordinator: Noelle Cockett
Co-coordinator: Stephen White
Chair-elect: Brenda Murdoch
(Updated upon new information received following the 2017 PAG meeting)


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