Striped Bass Genome Database

Project: Implementing Genome Resources for Temperate Basses (Genus Morone)

The striped bass is one parent of the hybrid striped bass (white bass, Morone chrysops X striped bass, M. saxatilis), which is a major aquaculture species in the United States (U.S.), and is itself cultured for market. Farming of these striped bass is presently the fourth largest form of U.S. finfish aquaculture, behind only catfish, salmonids and tilapia. The goal of the National Program for Genetic Improvement and Selective Breeding for the Hybrid Striped Bass Industry is domestication and selective breeding to produce superior hybrid striped bass that will enable commercial producers not only to continue bringing fish to market, but also to decrease product prices and expand the industry.

In this National Research Support Project 8 (NRSP-8) project, we aim to support ongoing and future bioinformatic annotation and curation efforts of the striped bass genome sequence assembly, principally the means to make this important resource available online to the research community and to the public in an easily searchable and user friendly format.

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Reading*, B.J., Baltzegar*, D.A., Dashiell, C., Chapman, R.W., Schilling, J., Williams, V.N., Ring, B.D., Hopper, M., McGinty, A.S., Borski, R.J., McCoy, S., Hiramatsu, N., Matsubara, T., Schaff, J.E., Opperman, C.H., and Sullivan, C.V. The striped bass (Morone saxatilis) genome sequence reveals a complex evolutionary history for teleost vitellogenins. (Manuscript in preparation)


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